Pallet deck 

We have this area that we’ve tried again and again to grow grass but it’s under some heavy shade which I love but  grass seed can’t get enough sun to grow.  Not to mention that when it rains the seeds wash away. So I’ve decided to cover the area with a pallet deck.  This will event our outdoor entertainment area another 120 sq foot and block the mud from washing over onto the concrete patio.

To prevent that dirt washing over onto the patio I’m removing the top layers and repurposing the dirt to fill in my yard. 

After I get about two inches removed I will cover with a ground cover sheet to prevent weed growth and cover with a thin layer of gravel.

I still have more dirt to remove but started working on something different.  Tonight I started building the floor joist and set them 24 inches apart just to see what it will look like.






Next I need to establish the frame and attach the joist. Then I’m ready to start laying the top.

June 17, 2015

I had to take a bit of a break from the pallet deck due to the rain.  After removing about 60 cubic feet of dirt from this area I laid a weed control plastic down and covered it with a thin layer of gravel to help manage water control.  I’m glad to say that after many days of rain there wasn’t any mud on my back porch.  So that’s at least a step in the right direction.  It’s suppose to be dry over the next few days and I’m hoping to get it completed.

One thing that I’ve learn is that I needed more support.  Originally  I thought that I could place each truss 24″ apart.  That wasn’t good enough.  I’m also finding it a challenge trying to keep everything level.  I image if I was using purchased wood it would be easier.  I’ve used a string and level trying to nail and screw it all even but I’ve still had to add supports under the truss to build up the low spots.

leveling the truss

To help fit each slat evenly I’m taking it through my table saw to cut of the edges trying to get them all square.  I know that store bought wood isn’t perfect but pallet wood can and usually does have several curves left and right and up and down.  I learned a trick from Izzy Swan’s YouTube Channel about straightening pallet wood.  Thanks Izzy.

Trimming the pallet slats

I think that I had almost every tool I owned in the back yard for this project and then it started to rain again so I shut it down and again hope to pick it back up again over the next few days.


Pallet garden plant stand project

Ok so after coaching my kids for a number of years I’m now retired. Well for coaching at least… I’m now taking back my weekends looking for stuff to do.  So I’m now into gardening well learning about gardening is a better choice of words.  Recently I saw a plant stand selling for $35.00 at a local garden store like below…

(That’s my granddaughter testing the bench)  so I thought I would try to actually use tools and try to build one.  For the past several weeks I’ve been collecting pallets to reclaim the wood.  It’s easy to find easy to tear apart and usually I’m finding high quality wood to work with. Best part it is free.

I’m not a pro and haven’t really used actual tools since High School shop class. This actual plant stand was almost free. I found nails at the local Habitat For Humanity ReStore for $.75 per pound and stain for $3.00. Pallets were free and the decorations were a total of $16.00 on sale for 50%off at the local Hobby Lobby.  My granddaughter and I worked together (she is two) so lots of  fun for both her and I and built this within an 1 1/2 hours.  And she thinks it looks really cool. Now I built this for a mother’s day gift but I already know that I’m going to have to build another one for the granddaughter. Then I’m looking for the next project that we can tackle together. 


Just a quick update Mom really liked the plant stand here is a finished touch picture of the product.